White-label travel management tech, for agents looking beyond
All you need to serve the business traveler in a changing world. Hotel inventory, booking & admin, financing, and support – free to use or resell under your brand.
Become a travel tech powerhouse
Give corporate travelers every reason in the book to choose you.
Pick your model on a per-booking basis to maximize sales and streamline your workflow.
Hotel aggregator

Find and book over 2 million hotels for your clients at the industry’s lowest rates. Manage everything in one place

Hotel self-booking tool

Let corporate travelers book and manage hotels under policy on their own, on a platform that’s 100% your brand.

Hybrid travel management
Use and resell superior tech and infrastructure, as we take care of finances and support behind the lines. All that, for free.
  • Hotel inventory
  • Booking & admin engine
  • Payments & financing
  • Support 24/7

Hotel inventory

Best instant rates, deep search criteria, full transparency.
      2M+ hotels everywhere
      Wholesaler, OTA, and negotiated rates
      20+ leading hotel suppliers
      Instant rates side by side

Booking & admin engine

You and your clients book hotels and extras in one place. Built-in traveler profiles and policies.
      Seamless search&book
      Secure traveler profiles & docs
      Full PNR & GDS integration
      Editable travel policies

Payments & financing

All payment methods accepted in the platform. Pre-financing available for all hotel expenses.
      Lodge, plastic and virtual cards
      Bank transfers and credit lines
      One monthly bill with pre-financing

Support 24/7

Free 24/7 emergency and booking support for you and your business travelers.
      Support by phone, email, and chat
      Emergency support and troubleshooting
      Group and meeting booking
      Booking of extras
Our tech, your brand. The white-label platform becomes fully yours: branding, data and workflow.
Automate costly manual work such as rate hunting, booking, modifications and support.
Get record-low rates, book more hotels and delight business travelers.
Plug and play! No deposits, fees, IT investment, training or hiring costs
Three functions, zero fees
Use everything for free. Mark up your rates, or earn commission from travelers’ bookings on your branded self-booking tool.

Book the lowest rates in-house

Login and start booking hotels right away. We combine real-time rates from every possible channel to make sure you get the best ones. Add your own markup to the rates at will.

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Resell the white-label DIY tool

We create your self-booking tool and landing page, with colors, creative and data fully customized to your brand. Give it to business travelers to book hotels on their own, and whenever they do, get commission.

How pricing works

Get ongoing financing and support
The hardest, most time-consuming parts of travel agenting are on us. We pre-pay every part of the trip, and expert support is always a call or chat away.

Pre-financing with vouchers

Your clients travel light: we pay for rooms and extras, and send a consolidated bill every month.

      All payment methods
      No invoices, cards, or paper documents
      No reimbursement

Support 24/7

Covering emergencies, troubleshooting, help with booking, and even booking hotel extras and group trips.

      24/7 priority support
      Bookings, extras, cancellations
      Manual booking confirmation

Horse21pro (on voucher) Pay at hotel
Lodge card acceptance (100%)
Credit card acceptance (100%)
Virtual card acceptance (100%)
Credit line (periodic payment on account)
Credit card guarantee required
Booking is charged After checkout At checkout
Reimbursement Not required Required
No fraud risk
The future of business travel is hybrid. Pioneer it.
Become the TMC of the next generation.